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We offer tailored Performance solutions that fit your needs and achieve your goals. Unlock your business's full potential with ScalrX.

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Discover growth with our digital, performance, and growth marketing solutions, designed for sustainable scalability. Experience success today.

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About Us

Beyond ordinary digital marketing agencies

With 10+ years of experience and certified experts, ScalrX excels in delivering exceptional results through a deep understanding of the latest marketing technologies and methodologies. We specialize in crafting personalized digital solutions for effective engagement and achieving revenue based sales and marketing goals.


Actual Deliver-abilities, not just big talks

Embark on a prestigious journey to project success with ourexpertise in digital marketing, performance marketing, growth marketing, andsustainable scalability. Our tailored strategies and innovative approachesensure remarkable and sustainable growth for your project. Join us to elevateyour success to new heights.


Revenue-First Marketing Approach

Experience digital marketing, designed to elevate your online presence and drive up your revenue

Targeted campaigns

Engage your audience effectively and drive results with our targeted campaigns

Scalable strategies

Empower your business to grow sustainably with our scalable strategies

ROAS Focused

Your sucess is our Success therefore we focus on ROAS so you dont burn money on ads without any returns

Complete 360 view

Our Strategies are not just about Ads, we analyse the full customer journey to identify and optimise the needle movers  


Creative Team

A great company has a great team behind. Meet your growth marketing team

Omar Mohamed, MBA
CO-Founder & ceo
Abd El Halim Emara
Co-Founder & CMO
Bander Abdullah
Co-Founder & CSO
Mike Wong
Cathy Hills
Team Lead Product
Alexa Montes
Team Lead Performance


What can you do for me?

We help you drive business growth and boost your online presence through our specialized performance marketing and growth marketing strategies

What is your experience?

Our expertise lies in performance marketing and growth marketing, where we excel at optimizing marketing campaigns, driving conversions, and fostering sustainable business growth

Where are you located?

Our Home is Vienna, Austria, but we are also represented in Riyadh and Cairo

How can I contact you?

You can contact us through our website or email us at scale@scalrx.com . We look forward to hearing from you


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